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Selling at Auction

Sarah Mains understand that for some properties, the best method of sale is by auction. In fact, a surprising number can be sold this way.

It doesn’t have to be simply those that have been repossessed or are in need of renovation – it could work for your property too.

The advantages are that when the hammer falls, the deal is done. No delays, no uncertainty; the sale is guaranteed.

We also recognise that properties tend to realise their best price when they are sold locally. Rather than putting them in an anonymous sale miles away, we sell them here in the North East, where we can arrange comprehensive dates for viewings, show potential buyers around the properties concerned  and answer their questions about such aspects as local facilities, letting patterns and rental yields.

It’s a unique combination of local knowledge and national impact that makes us stand out.

Auctioneering property at Sarah Mains: now see what we can do for you.