Changing Property Trends: What’s In and What’s Out in Low Fell

Changing Property Trends: What’s In and What’s Out in Low Fell

Property Sarah Mains 6th December 2022

If you’re looking to market your home, read on to find out what’s hot and what’s not in the property world.


Forget trend forecasters and property commentators; if it’s insight into housing trends that you want, turn your attention to estate agents.


As agents spend so much time looking around people’s homes, they have their finger on the pulse when it comes to changing property tastes.


And they use this knowledge when they write the marketing descriptions that you see on property portals. These are designed to show a home at its best and attract suitable buyers.


Now, Rightmove has analysed the marketing material that appears on its website by looking closely at the features most commonly listed by estate agents. The results reveal the changing preferences and priorities of Brits in 2022.


First, let’s look at the key phrases that have skyrocketed in use over the past decade and those that have waned in popularity.


What’s in

Garden office, up 1,046%

Bi-fold doors, up 589% 

Orangery, up 173% 

Underfloor heating, up 114%

Summerhouse, up 90%

Open plan, up 74%


What’s out

Conservatory, down 52%

Greenhouse, down 46% 

Fitted wardrobes, down 29%

Dining room, down 28%


Covid impact

The pandemic radically changed what many people want in a home. With more of us working remotely at least some of the time, home buyers are looking for a property that can cater to their work needs (hence the dramatic jump in the use of ‘garden office’).


Flexible spaces

The research suggests that buyers want spaces that can adapt to their needs, hence the popularity of ‘bi-fold doors’ (up 589%). These provide a separation between home and garden when closed but a free-flowing indoor-outdoor space when open.


It’s also interesting to note the rise of orangeries and summerhouses at the expense of conservatories and greenhouses. Orangeries and summerhouses can quite easily serve as an office during the week and an entertainment space on the weekend. However, conservatories can be too cold to work in through the winter months, while greenhouses only make great workspaces if you’re a gardener.


Casual living

While ‘open plan’ has become an increasingly popular selling point, dining rooms are on a downer. Could this be because we now favour casual get-togethers over formal dinner parties?


Environmental factors

The analysis found that, in the past year, listings mentioning ‘electric car charging points’ jumped up 495% – a clear sign of growing environmental awareness.


What are your biggest property must-haves? Garden office? Open-plan kitchen or how about a hot tub? Get in touch with us on social media and let us know. Sarah Mains Residential Facebook Page



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